Virtual Art Show

Why do I paint pets? 

I love painting pets because they are a part of our families!    I love my pets and I know you love your pets too!  They give us unconditional love.   They can be entertaining and make us smile!   They touch our hearts!  I love catching their personalities in their eyes! 
A special painting of our pets can bring joy into our home! 
How To Place An Order

I would LOVE to speak with you  personally about creating a special one of a kind piece of YOUR fur baby who has left their paw print on your heart!

-  Text or email me a couple of clear photos of your fur baby along with their
    name.                214-536-4274        

-  Choose a canvas size.

-  Choose a background color for your piece

-  Describe any details you would like to see.....collar with name tag, bandana,
    favorite toy, etc.  or even a special story you want me to know.

-  I will need your name, phone number and email address to email you a $50
   invoice to get started.   Let me know if it's ok to call you if needed.  

-  When I am almost finished, I will send you a proof so we can tweak it together.    
-  Turn around time will be approximately 3 weeks for a custom canvas or up to 6
    weeks for a bundled  project.

I love painting each and every fur baby!  Each one has a special marking or personality that comes out in their eyes!   This is NOT a mass production website where I hand the orders to different artists and you are not sure what you are going to get.  To ensure every client gets my personal attention to details, I will be cutting off my Christmas orders November 6th this year.   
Custom Canvas   $140 - $375
Free shipping on orders placed before October 22
Wine Glasses $35 each
Free shipping on orders of 2 or more!
Face Masks $23
(includes sales tax and shipping)

See my PORTFOLIO for masks created from my artwork.

Custom masks of your pet are printed from a custom painted portrait on canvas.  These will be sold as a "bundle" with a canvas portrait order.   Add $21 to any canvas order. 

Custom Shower Curtains
70" X 70"
Free Shipping on Bundles!

These are created from a custom portrait on canvas.  They are sold as a bundle with a custom canvas order.   

$250     10 x 10  Canvas + Curtain 
$275     12 x 12  Canvas + Curtain

Other sizes available!    
Custom Pet Peeker Frames $55
Free Shipping on orders placed before October 22, 2020

-  Multiple frames to choose from
-  You choose the color for the frame
-  Personalized for free
-  Text or email a good clear picture of your pet
Pet Peeker Frame Colors